Lord Deliver Me From Me - Full Course

Learn our proven step-by principles to rid yourself of destructive sabotaging habit and beliefs that hinder your effectiveness in your life in 4 weeks.

What can I Expect?

Learn our proven step-by principles to rid yourself of destructive sabotaging habit and beliefs that hinder your effectiveness in your life in 4 weeks.

About the Course:  

I created this course because I have experienced some of the same pain that might be interfering with you moving on in your life.  There was a time in my life where I felt stuck and I just couldn’t seem to find the peace and freedom I needed in my life. If you have every felt stuck, disappointed, hurt, rejected, abused and even abandoned this is the course for you.  

Did you know that the way you handle the problems and issues in your life can be the greatest hindrance in becoming the person you really want to become?  Have you ever wondered, “Why do I keep making the same wrong choices?’ or “Why can’t I get over this pain?”

There is a way you can begin to create the life you have always wanted.  Along my journey I discovered some principles that have helped me, and will surely help you to find peace, freedom and a roadmap to a healthy successful life.

Lord, Deliver Me From Me will help you to examine some of the issues that keep you from moving on in your life, and give you practical steps to over come them.  It addresses such issues as:

  • Getting rid of the skeletons in the closet
  • Moving on from toxic people
  • When you are rejected
  • Overcoming Fear

Now you have a choice to continue doing what you’ve been doing or even worse you do NOTHING!  Why don’t you take a new action to get the results you have been seeking for in your life?

Course Outline:

Lesson 1

  • Introduction
  • Forgiving my Father
  • Forgiving Myself
  • Forgiving Difficult People


Lesson 2

  • When You are Never good Enough
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Angry with God

Lesson 3

  • When you Need to Move on from Toxic People
  • Kick Disappointments out of Your Life
  • Embracing God, My Father
  • When You are Rejected

Lesson 4

  • When your Dreams Die
  • When Words Can Kill
  • When You have Fallen Off the Wagon

Lesson 5

  • Getting Rid of the Skeletons in the Closet
  • When you Can’t go on Anymore
  • Trying to Help God Out

Lesson 6

  • When the Hurt Doesn’t Go Away
  • Leaving the Past Behind
  • Learning How to Bless

You will be able to sign-up for your 30 Minute Private One-to-One Private Coaching next week.

Dr. Brenda Stratton
Dr. Brenda Stratton

About the instructor

Dr. Brenda Stratton is the author of: Lord, Deliver Me from Me (how to stop becoming your own worst enemy). I have a doctorate in Christian Education.  I have been providing One-to-One private coaching for over 30 years to thousands of clients in Life Transformation principles. My clients come from all kinds of backgrounds including people in the entertainment and movie industry. This has resulted in life changing experiences.  The course and book “ Lord, Deliver Me from Me,” is being used in prisons in California and Texas.  It is also being used in India, Ghana and Mexico.  I am the world’s only ‘Meologist’ teaching you how to get over yourself, and how to stop sabotaging your life so that you can find your true identity and calling.